HunterBiden ~ june 7th, 2023


goober56 ~ june 6th, 2023

hallo :P

snowie ~ june 4th, 2023

Buen sitio :)

froggy ~ june 3rd, 2023


mike ~ may 28th, 2023

this website is so cool!!!

kaspy waspy ~ may 28th, 2023

this website make me wanna explode!!!! /pos

Jeremy ~ may 27th, 2023

This is the most beautiful website ive ever seen...

Silly stalker ~ may 24th, 2023


shwintykat ~ april 29th, 2023

i love your site!!! it radiates good vibes

silly stealer ~ april 29th, 2023

the name of this website makes me feel like i am using an ancient web protocol to access a hidden interface which has the capability to trigger nuclear warfare at the press of a button. god jab!

5ose ~ april 12th, 2023

I feel bonita

kielljoy ~ april 10th, 2023

ur website scratches an itch deep inside my brain

tas ~ april 10th, 2023

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Planity ~ april 9th, 2023

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ushankas-despair ~ march 23rd, 2023

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lakkie ~ february 27th, 2023

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jmibo ~ february 25th, 2023

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Skin ~ february 25th, 2023

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jadey ~ february 24th, 2023

ur website is soso cool i would eat it if it wasnt technically poison

fr1234 ~ february 23rd, 2023

cool mess!

kopawz ~ february 7th, 2023

i love the credit footer at the bottom of the page: made in 2022, and functioning until the HEAT DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE!!!! made me literally laugh out loud.

kyle ~ february 2nd, 2023

this website is rather silly at times

ventrix ~ january 26th, 2023

im having trouble processing the colours on my screen

jy ~ january 24th, 2023


muncee ~ january 23rd, 2023

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Mayflower ~ january 23rd, 2023

holy SHIT this is such a website
I need to contact you and learn how to make such [King-Sized] Website

SweetEiche ~ january 16th, 2023

write something here and i'll probably add it below

August ~ january 13th, 2023


vhv ~ january 12th, 2023

I love this lmao

Stealthybucket ~ january 4th, 2023

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lettuce enjoyur ~ january 4th, 2023

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peanut ~ january 3rd, 2023

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Vague ~ january 3rd, 2023

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rem ~ january 2nd, 2023

silly!!!! what an aweosme site for goofy gooberzs

yung cracker ~ december 31st, 2022

goodbye 2022, hello 2014!!!

dimwit ~ december 31st, 2022

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kasper ~ december 30th, 2022

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sumii ~ december 30th, 2022

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glarfe ~ december 30th, 2022

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