#1 - The Bloggening

April 9th, 2023

I cannot BELIEVE I have to describe things with WORDS and not just silly graphics. Despicable.
it's fine. i'm sure i can still incorporate silly graphics somehow............ check this shit out

wow! amazing. just look at him go. i could watch this cat spin all day

anyways. Haiiiiii :3 welcome to the brand new website design!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!! after months of not doing anything i have finally emerged from my cave to actually do something with this place, i had a new theme ready for a while but decided to re-format it a bit to make more room for little knick knacks and graphics. also, i feel like i should apologize for just kind of disappearing??? i just kind of published the old website and dipped solike. sorry about that! thank you for the silly kind messages in the guestbook, they have all finally been added to the new guestbook page

as you can probably tell, i'm not very good at writing things (or in this case, typing) it feels like this has been going on on for hours when in reality all i've done so far is type 13 sentences. but hopefully if i keep doing it i'll get better!!! that is usually how these things work. didn't i already talk about this on this exact website? whatever.